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OMNS – the OmniStore coin

OMNS coin is the exclusive valid payment method for OmniStore services

OmniStore coinsale

OmniStore is a non-ICO project

OmniStore does not conduct a coinsale backed with promises of possible future products.

The main OmniStore functions have already been created and can be used in the OmniStore.Online wallet and in the OmniStore.Mnemonics service. The development of the core OmniStore features was funded by developers' own investments.

The purposes of the OmniStore coinsale are:

  1. To compensate developers' costs incurred during the development of the OmniStore core features
  2. To spread the OmniStore coin that is used as a payment in paid OmniStore services
  3. To collect funds for further developments and expanded marketing promotion of the OmniStore

OmniStore can be used by anyone for free. Purchasing OmniStore coins only supports the project, provides extended OmniStore functions and allows anyone to be an owner of a high-valuable asset.

OmniStore coin

Coin specification

Coin Name
OmniStoreCoin (OMNS)
Quark, POS+zPOS Hybrid
Block Time
60 Sec
MN Collateral
150 OMNS
Block reward
0.0005 OMNS
Staking Time
1 hour
Max coin supply
45 000 000 OMNS
RPC Port
Coinsale price
1 OMNS for 0.5 BTC

The OMNS coins accepted as service fees are being burned.
It prevents OMNS from inflation and depreciation.

Desktop wallets

Download OmniStore coin desktop wallet