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Create instant-use wallet for any listed coin on the fly. Recover your private keys with mnemonic phrases.

Works in your browser. Fully secure.

Secure mnemonics service


OmniStore.Mnemonics is a secure mnemonic service that allows to recover wallets with mnemonic phrases or to create one-time use wallets on the fly.

OmniStore.Mnemonics is a fully user-end service. No data is being sent to OmniStore servers.

Your mnemonics and private keys never leave your browser and are not stored anywhere.

OmniStore.Mnemonics user's guide:

  1. Select a coin you want to generate or recover wallet for in the dropdown menu.
  2. If you want to recover your wallet, enter your mnemonic words in proper order separated with spaces, or, if you want to generate one-time use wallet, click "New" button.
  3. When the "Generate new address" button appears, click it as many times as many addresses you want to generate.
  4. Feel free to use addresses and private keys generated with your mnemonics. Import your private keys into your local wallet, or generate paper wallets.