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A secure online and local multicurrency wallets for PoW and PoS coins

Online multicurrency wallet


Omnistore.Online is a secure online multicurrency wallet for PoW and PoS coins.

Since now you don't need to install multitudes of wallets on your PC, rent numerous VPS
and care about your hard drive health or laptop safety.

Now you have full access to all your coins.

Anytime. Anywhere.

100% secure.

Local multicurrency wallet


Omnistore.Local is a fully functional local (Win, Linux and Mac) multicurrency wallet for PoW and PoS coins.

OmniStore.Local wallet provides all functions of traditional local wallets extended by OmniStore.Online wallet features
and can work as light or full wallet for any selected coin.

Choose your own set of coins for your OmniStore.Local wallet.

Generate paper wallets for any coin in your wallet.

Create Bazaar trades deirectly from the OmniStore.Local wallet.

OmniStore.Online wallet functions

Explore OmniStore.Online

  1. Send and receive any coin listed on OmniStore
  2. Create as many addresses for any coin as you need
  3. Generate QR codes for your addresses
  4. Export private keys for any of your addresses
  5. Create paper wallets for any of your addresses
  6. View your recent transactions
  7. Use OmniStore payment system with your service
OmniStore Securuty

OmniStore is designed to provide all measures of security

OmniStore accounts are protected with the three-factor authorization.

Every user can import his OmniStore private keys into his local wallets to have access to his funds if the OmniStore services are unavailable.

All wallets are stored encrypted with dynamically generated passphrase that is not sent anywhere. Decrypted wallets exist only in the user's browser.

OmniStore has no access to user's wallets.

Available coins

OmniStore.Wallet supports various coins

Any coin that provides following functions is compatible with the OmniStore

  1. Support Bitcoin-like RPC functions
  2. Support watchonly addresses
  3. Support watchonly addresses in listunspent RPC command