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OmniStore offers the high quality of its services. We offer cryptocurrency-associated services to everyone; we do not require identification of company customers about their gender, age or country of residence.

The company is in no way affects the development of cryptocurrency market, does not control the processes within the exchanges, and is not responsible for the trend of OMNS exchange rate, as well as losses associated with this.

By contributing to OmniStore coin sale at his own risk, the contributor should be aware that previous financial results do not guarantee similar returns in the future. You transfer your deposit to management of the company and agree that these funds will be used at the discretion of OmniStore management.

The company is not responsible for any losses incurred by investor as a result of OmniStore services usage, and has right to suspend the fulfillment of obligations to users in case of force majeure factors, as well as of a negative scenario in the markets of electronic money and cryptocurrency.