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A secure online multicurrency billing service

Online multicurrency billing system


Omnistore.Billing is a secure online multicurrency billing service where users can receive payment for their services.

Payment addresses are generated for every purchase made by your clients.

Received payments are not stored on the OmniStore servers.

Only you have the full control over your account.

Mnemonic recovery service is available for OmniStore.Billing premium accounts.

Received payments can be withdrawn by account's owner without any fee.

How it works

OmniStore.Billing provides top security for online trading

  1. When your customer purchases something on your website, the payment address and private key are being generated.
  2. The deposit private key is encrypted with your personal passphrase.
  3. When your customer pays to the generated address, OmniStore.Bazaar sends notification to your callback address.
  4. You can withdraw all funds received by your account to any address without any fee.
  5. If you use a premium account, mnemonic recovery service for OmniStore.Billing is available for you.
Pricing plans

The only available means of payment for the OmniStore service is the OMNS coin.

All payments can be made ONLY with OMNS coins considering the current exchange rate.

Premium plan can be applied free of charge for holders of at least 1 OMNS on the balance.