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The multitool service
for cryptocurrency market


The multitool service for cryptocurrency market

Get your online wallet

The OmniStore ecosystem is powered by OMNS coin

OmniStore in a nutshell

OmniStore is a multitool for exploring the cryptocurrency world

Starting from a secure OmniStore.Online wallet and OmniStore.Mnemonics service that are 100% working products, OmniStore is developing a bunch of services that will make cryptoinvestors' life easy and comfortable.

OmniStore combines all functions of the most popular services:

  1. Online multicurrency wallet with fully user-end transaction signing
  2. Mnemonics service for wallets recovery
  3. Direct user-to-user trading service with secure trades system
Online multicurrency wallet


Omnistore.Online is a secure online multicurrency wallet for PoW and PoS coins.

Since now you don't need to install multitudes of wallets on your PC
and care about your hard drive health or laptop safety.

Now you have full access to all your coins.

Anytime. Anywhere.

100% secure.

Online multicurrency marketplace


Omnistore.Bazaar is a secure online multicurrency marketplace where users can trade any listed coins
for any crypto and fiat currencies directly with each other.

No need to validate your credentials or upload passport scans if your trading volume is low.

No need to look for PoS coins at discord, get phished and lose your money.

Buy and sell all listed coins just inside the OmniStore. It is secure.

Online multicurrency billing service


Omnistore.Billing is a secure online multicurrency billing service where users can receive payment for their services.

Payment addresses are generated for every purchase made by your clients.

Received payments are not stored on the OmniStore servers.

Only you have the full control over your account.

Mnemonic recovery service is available for OmniStore.Billing premium accounts.

Received payments can be withdrawn by account's owner without any fee.


OmniStore main goals

Development stages


Q3, 2019


Launch of the OmniStore.Online wallet

Launch of the OmniStore.Mnemonics service

Q3, 2019


Launch of the marketing campaign

Exchange listing

Q4, 2019


Launch of the OmniStore.Bazaar

Q1, 2020


Release of the OmniStore.Billing

Q2, 2020


Release of the OmniStore.Local wallet

Q3, 2020


Launch of the OmniStore.Exchange — an instant exchange inside the service

Popular questions


Wallet security is provided by the two-factor authorization, and in the future by phone confirmation codes.

All wallets are stored encrypted with dynamically generated passphrase that is not sent anywhere. Decrypted wallets exist only in the user's browser.

OmniStore has no access to user's wallets.

The difference is in security. Our online wallet provides an opportunity for every user to access his funds regardless the OmniStore services operation by using wallet recovery phrases and private keys known only to the user. Additionionaly, the OmniStore development plan provides creation of the OmniStore.Local multicurrency wallet that operates separately from the online wallet.

OmniStore.Mnemonics is a secure mnemonic service that allows to recover wallets with mnemonic phrases or to create one-time use wallets on the fly.

OmniStore.Mnemonics is a fully user-end service. No data is being sent to OmniStore servers.

Your mnemonics and private keys never leave your browser and are not stored anywhere.